Radio transcends difficult ministry ground

By March 15, 2010

Somalia (MNN) — Somalia is
almost exclusively Sunni Muslim, with less than one percent of the population

Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope says
they beam hope in. "The wonderful
message of Jesus Christ is unknown to most Somalis. The Gospel radio programs
are a lifeline in very troubled times." 

Somalia ranks fourth on the Open
Doors World Watch list, a compilation of the 50 countries where persecution is
the worst.

Last April,  Parliament voted unanimously to institute
Islamic law. It was a disastrous move
made with the hope that it would undergird support
for the government. Instead, Christians find
themselves closely monitored by both the government and the Islamic militias.

More than 20 Somali believers
were martyred publicly in 2009. Most
recently, on January 1 members of the
militant group al-Shabaab shot and
killed Mohammed Ahmed Ali, a 41-year-old underground church
leader. The group also threatened to kill his family,
but they fled to Nairobi, Kenya January

Christians know they run a risk
when following Christ. DeYoung says, "Somalis
who believe in Christ are relatively few and lonely, meeting quietly in homes
as they can. Somali Bibles are a rare
treasure." Even with the isolation, DeYoung goes on to say, "Believers are sharing
their faith. People are coming to the Lord, and there are responses to the

Keep praying. "Praise God for the
faithful witness of  martyred believers,
for their hope in Christ. Pray for the physical and spiritual protection of
Somali believers and their families."

Pray too, that in the midst of
challenges, Somali Christians will remain unshaken from the work the Lord has
given them, trusting Him to bring eternal results

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