Raising the roof in Honduras leads to ministry growth.

By March 6, 2007

(MNN) — Last month, we told you about the dismal condition of a small
Christian school in Tegucigalpa,

The school was built with a clay tile roof supported by wood
trusses and stringers; however the roof was badly deteriorating and needed
to be totally rebuilt.  Worldwide Christian Schools' HANDS teams fabricated and
installed a welded steel roof structure with Jondulite sheeting for the roofing.

After the construction, another team worked on getting electrical
wiring, windows, doors, and painting done in time for classes to resume
mid-February.  With that goal met, and
with classes in session, Escuela Luz Y Verdad
(translated:  Light and Truth Christian School) began attracting
the attention of the surrounding community.   More attention means bigger student bodies,
which then translates to funding needs for teachers and resources.

Worldwide's Elaine Helmas says the conditions for national
teachers created an open door for them. "The teachers in Honduras have a
hard time getting paid. Money comes from the government.  I guess this past year, they had 69 or 79
school days because the teachers were on strike so much of the time."  

Helmas says by partnering with the schools, they can insure
quality evangelical education. 
"We're sponsoring the school. 
We're helping the school by giving them sponsorships, not individual
children.  The parents still have to pay
something, a very small amount each month."

Escuela Luz Y Verdad
eight sponsors to help continue the ministry. Sponsorships
cover many of the education costs of a traditional school.  Sponsorship donations pay for teacher salaries, water and electric bills, building maintenance, textbooks, teacher continuing education, uniforms and meals. It also insures that tuition is affordable to
those who want to go to school.  Click
here if you can help.

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