Ramadan, a month of prayer

By July 19, 2010

International (MNN) — One of Islam's holy months, Ramadan,
begins August 11 and ends September 9. Muslims believe it's the month in which
the Qur'an was revealed. 

Muslims fast during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset
during the month. Fasting figuratively burns away sin. Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray
for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify
themselves through self-restraint and good deeds.

It's also the perfect time for Christians to pray for Muslims. A great resource of information for prayer is the '30 Days Muslim Prayer Guide."

The Prayer Guide contains daily readings focusing on various
topics, people groups, and geographical areas of the Islamic world, followed by
practical prayer points. It also features informative background articles and
resources for further study and involvement.

World Christian.com coordinates the booklet every year. World Christian's Paul Filidis says, "We
produce a booklet every year that is an educational tool for Christians, an
inspirational tool for Christians to learn about Islam as well as to be
motivated to pray for Muslims."

He explains that Ramadan is a time when Muslims are trying
to be close to God, which dovetails neatly into following Christ. "Let us pray not against Muslims, but
let's pray that God would indeed draw near unto them and give them
opportunities during that time to have a glimpse of the loving Father and
Jesus, His Son."

For a gift of any amount, MNN will provide this tool to help
you pray for and build bridges to Muslim friends and neighbors as they observe

The prayer guide
paints a picture of a people searching for truth. Filidis says hearts are changed through prayer. "When we pray for Muslims, it's hard not to love them. I have seen so many people's attitudes

Once that happens,
doors open–and so do homes. It's
evangelism over a cup of coffee. Filidis
explains, "How do we become Christians? Often it's because somebody was kind
enough to take time to explain things to us or to invite us over to a meal. Muslims are very social people. They love

Filidis says there's no risk involved in participating. In fact, "For those who have never seen the
booklet, we have free samples
available  from last year. The booklets are very similar from year to
year, but the content changes every year as new content is written."

There are two ways you can get your copy of the 30
Days Muslim Prayer Guide.

(Here's the other way)


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