Ramadan begins today

By August 11, 2010

USA (MNN) — Two doctors are killed in Afghanistan, police officers are bombed in Iraq, and plans for a Muslim center to go up on Ground Zero are underway…all in the name of Islam.

The only way to counteract these kinds of attacks and, more importantly, to save the lives of millions of Muslims is to introduce them to the Gospel. Fouad Masri of Crescent Project says Ramadan is the perfect time.

Ramadan is a 30-day observation of fasting and prayer for Muslims around the world. Today, August 11, marks Day One of the celebration for 2010.

During Ramadan, many Muslims take time to truly seek out God and truth. "This is a time when they're thinking about God and religion," explains Masri. He says this makes Ramadan the perfect time to start conversations about Christ. "We can come in and share with Muslims the teachings of Jesus, of whom many Muslims claim, 'Oh, he's one of our prophets.' [You say] ‘Well great, if you believe God sent Jesus, why don't you read the Gospel of Jesus?' So this is a good time to really rally the troops to reach out."

Crescent Project works specifically with Muslims in the United States. This is a vital demographic to reach since most Muslims in the States are in a better position to follow Christ without as many repercussions than oppressed Muslims elsewhere.

"They come from Lebanon, from Pakistan, and when they come to [the States], they see, ‘Wow, I can choose my own religion and still people love me and respect me. Even if I left Islam, I'm not going to lose my life.' So we need to seize the opportunity and share the Good News with them," urges Masri.

This is a time, in general, when many Muslims are open to the Gospel. "Praise the Lord [that] in the last 15 years, more Muslims have claimed Jesus as their Savior than in the previous 1,400 years. We're seeing that," says Masri. "But still, that's not enough. That's a very small amount of people hearing the Gospel in comparison to the millions of Muslims in the Muslim world."

With this in mind, Crescent Project has volunteers trained all over the States to reach out to Muslims. They are engaging relationships with Muslims and will be conversing with and praying for Muslims especially throughout Ramadan. The problem is, there are not enough funds for these kingdom builders to get the job done effectively.

It only costs $10 to get a Bible and information about Christ and Christianity to a Muslim in the U.S. If you can spare this amount during this extremely crucial month for Muslim outreach, click here and scroll to 'Give a Gospel' under 'Category.'

"Out of the 7 million [Muslims] that are here [in the U.S.], even if one percent–even a mustard seed–turn their face to Jesus and take Him as Savior, that's 70,000 believers. Utilize this time of Ramadan to partner with Crescent Project. Help us financially in getting the job done and reaching Muslims here."

In the meantime, continue to pray. For a gift of any amount, you can get a day-by-day Ramadan prayer guide from Mission Network News that gives specific prayer points beginning today until the conclusion of Ramadan on September 9.

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