‘Rambo’ Community transformation project take Honduras by storm

By February 21, 2008

Honduras (MNN) — International Aid has introduced what's being affectionately called the 'Rambo Project' in Honduras. Field Director Rony Meza describes it. "It was a very optimistic program to assist 38 villages by providing filters, water systems, community medicines, and stoves for 38 villages."

In other words, it's a fast-moving, high-impact community transformation project. I-A's goal was to launch it in a years' time. "We have a team that is not only committed to the work that we do on the field, but also they have the faith that everything that we are doing now is because we have God's guidance in the field."

I-A knows it requires more than medicines and bandages to transform mindsets, values, and behaviors that affect health and wellbeing. Most poverty-stricken villages need help with health and wellness information, know-how, supplies, and technical needs.

Short-term mission teams help with Lorena stove construction, village pharmacies, medical kits and training for local health workers, among other things. Surprisingly, something as small as building a stove that keeps the living area free of smoke and providing water filtration can have big impact on the families.

After the teams implemented the project, they came back later to see that the children had put on healthy weight and all remained in school because they were not battling water-borne diseases or pulmonary issues. The stoves are more efficient, so money formally used for fuel is going for better food for the children.

As for evangelism doors, Meza explains that contact with the Gospel comes through the mission teams that help and from the church connections in the region. Their teams work to empower local church, community, and government leadership to build sustainable health programming.

Pray that this program continues to grow. Meza says, "We are just giving them solutions for some of the needs that they have. We'll spread out these benefits and the Lord's work to some of the other families in villages throughout the country."

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