Ramadan prayercast challenges you to pray

By June 6, 2016
(Photo courtesy of OneWay Ministries)

(Photo courtesy of OneWay Ministries)

International (MNN) – Yesterday marked the beginning of Ramadan, a month of prayer and seeking God for the Muslim world.

It’s also a great time for Christians to make a difference.

“It’s about people that Jesus loves,” OneWay Ministries founder Michael Thompson says. “Jesus loves Muslims. He loves them so much. He has compassion on them and he looks on them as sheep without a shepherd. We just believe that people around the world need to agree in prayer with God for Muslims, that they would come to know Jesus in a beautiful way as Lord and Savior.”

This is where the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge comes in. For just a few minutes a day, you can simultaneously join believers around the world in praying for the salvation of Muslims.

“There’s a video to start the week that sets up the theme,” Thompson says. “Then, every day after, there’s a nation with many Muslims in it that we all pray for. It goes for 28 days. our challenge is that you would do it, but that you also would invite at least one person to join you.”

Join the #PrayercastRamadanChallenge

Join the #PrayercastRamadanChallenge

Why is it so important for Christians to get involved?

“Because it’s the single most critical way to reach the multitudes,” Thompson says. “When people pray, God moves. And when people pray, they change. When we start to pray, our hearts change and they start aligning with God. We know that when people pray, they’re willing to give, they’re willing to encourage workers…”

We invite you to join us this Ramadan season in praying for the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world as they seek to know God. Pray they would come to know the one true God through Jesus Christ. You can learn more about the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge and sign up by clicking here.


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