‘Rare opportunity’ arises for India Partners

By September 9, 2013

India (MNN) — What are you passionate about? If it’s caring for people, India Partners’ Kaytie Fiedler says an upcoming trip is for you.

63 out of every 1000 children will die by age 5. One way to lower this number is through village health clinics.  (Image courtesy Gospel for Asia)

63 out of every 1000 children will die by age 5. One way to lower this number is through village health clinics. (Image courtesy Gospel for Asia)

“If…God’s called you to these unreached people groups, this is a very rare opportunity to go and use your skills and expertise,” states Fiedler.

In November, India Partners is taking a group of medical and health professionals to help remote tribes in an area known for persecuting believers.

Foreigners traveling in and around the region will be safe, but revealing details ahead of the trip could put their indigenous ministry partners in danger. To protect them, India Partners isn’t disclosing names or a specific location.

“This trip is really special because it’s not often that we get permission to go in this remote area of India,” Fiedler explains.

The communities they’ll be serving have very little contact with modern society or the outside world. As a result, there’s no modern medicine and health needs are tremendous.

“This is truly the unreached,” she says. “We’re going to go in and help share the Gospel is by meeting specific medical and health needs.

India Partners’ health programs provide services that remote villagers would have if they had access to a hospital.

“Those programs take very basic medical concepts and train people on how to take care of themselves physically, and it also interweaves the Bible,” explains Fiedler.

“When you’re imparting information about healthy bodies, you’re also teaching them about how to have a healthy spirit through the Word of God.”

For November’s trip, doctors, nurses and dentists are needed to provide professional care. But, Fiedler says people who can teach health are needed too.

They’re looking for “somebody that has the experience to go and teach and train people about taking care of themselves, and introducing the concepts of health, sanitation [and] hygiene into their communities.”

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“If you can come with a heart of Jesus, and serve people with your medical training, that is going to reach and touch people’s lives in ways that others can’t do,” says Fiedler.

“The way that God’s gifted you, with your hands and with your mind to bring physical healing to people, is going to bring a touch of God. Your time will not be wasted.”

In fact, you may get more than you bargained for. Fiedler says many volunteers return from India ‘abundantly filled.’

“That person that went and volunteered, they’re the ones who get radically transformed,” she explains.

“They get to see God move in a new way in their lives, and they’re seeing the work of God in these remote places.”

Some volunteers have been told they’re an answer to prayer — literally. Fiedler says in the past, remote villagers have recognized the faces of team members, people they’ve never met before. How? They appeared in a dream of vision the villager had prior to the team’s arrival.

“You just never know when you may be the fulfillment of somebody’s dream,” Fiedler shares. “Or, the fulfillment of a vision…that will bring peace, that will bring Jesus, and may bring salvation to that person.”

Pray God would bring the right people together for this trip.

“God does command us to ‘go’, whether it’s here in our own backyards or whether it’s abroad,” says Fiedler. “But if you feel God calling you…respond! Don’t be afraid.

“Step out, get out on that ledge, and you’ll find that He’s right there, ready to carry you through.”

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