Rattled Lebanon marks a tragic anniversary; believers keep their vision strong.

By February 15, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Lebanon marked the one-year anniversary yesterday of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

His murder changed the political landscape of the region, paving the way for the first anti-Syrian government in decades. In his absence, Hezbollah took seats in the Lebanese government. Syria and Iran have strengthened their ties as a result.

Add to that Muslim outrage over offensive cartoons published in a Danish newspaper and the situation becomes explosive.

Christians have been watching the volatile mix with deepening concern. SAT-7’s David Harder says their staff in the Middle East hasn’t yet felt the heat of Islamic anger.

However, there has been one significant impact on them. “We haven’t been a target directly, but indirectly, it has affected the morale of our staff, particularly in Lebanon. People are concerned about the future, because in Lebanon, things are just uncertain right now.”

In light of all that’s going on in the region, that’s understandable. Harder adds that when the staff gets back into production, the turnaround is immediate. “But, when they get letters, and phone calls and emails from viewer whose lives they touched, their morale picks up.”

Because the average Christian in the region feels isolated, their work unifies. Harder says, “SAT-7 is a ministry that empowers the local Christian communities to use the power of media to tell people about Jesus and reflect the local beliefs of Christians. Certainly anybody is welcome to watch, and people do, and people are coming to know Jesus.”

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