Reach 4 Life introduces Thai teens to Christ, abstinence

By August 31, 2012

Thailand (MNN) — Thai teens are discovering more than abstinence in Biblica's preventative program. They're finding Christ.

"Students say, 'This is one of my first exposures to the Bible,'" said Biblica CEO Doug Lockhart. "'I accepted Christ, and my life is changed because of that.'"

Reach 4 Life combines a 40-step program with the New Testament. It's designed with the understanding that genuine life changes toward abstinence will only hold if the Holy Spirit is involved. Lockhart listed the program's three main goals.

"One is evangelism of the student, number two is avoidance of AIDS and other diseases, and third the evangelism of the rest of the family."

When students take the NIV Reach 4 Life Bible home, other family members might show a curiosity in its contents and come to know Christ through these materials.

On his last visit to Thailand, Lockhart visited one of the schools using this program, and the school happens to be attached to a Buddhist temple. Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand; it surrounds and infiltrates every aspect of a Thai teenager's life. This can sometimes pose a challenge when introducing young people to Jesus.

"Their culture is a Buddhist culture, so Christianity is very new to many of them," explained Lockhart.

Pray for students in Thailand as they face spiritual questions. Pray also for local believers involved in the program. These believers meet with students weekly for discussion and can help students get connected with a nearby church when the program is finished.

In the early 1990s, Thailand began taking dramatic action to reduce infection rates for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The Thai government provides partial funding for Biblica to teach students about abstinence and disease prevention. About a dozen schools are currently using the Reach 4 Life program, but additional funding could help more Thai students learn about salvation through Jesus Christ. Can you help?

Not sure how to talk with your own teens about premarital sex? Get the Reach 4 Life New Testament and 40-step lessons at

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