Reach Beyond tackles huge new project

By July 13, 2015

Mongolia (MNN) — Forty thousand might sound like a lot when you’re talking about believers, but that’s actually less than 2% of the population of Mongolia.

With such a small amount of Christians, what’s the fastest way to spread the Gospel?

Reach Beyond says: Radio. They’ve already partnered with 6 Christian radio stations in Mongolia, but their plans are much bigger.

In a country where religion was forbidden thanks to Communism, a lot of people are looking for answers. Already word is spreading about the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ, and people are thirsty for the truth.

In fact, in the areas where radio stations are already present, mini-churches are springing up as people gather to listen to the Christian broadcasting and discuss it as a group.

Photo Courtesy Reach Beyond

(Photo Courtesy Reach Beyond)

Since the ministry has already proven effective, Reach Beyond is the taking the next step…or is it more like a “leap”?

They’re partnering with Far East Broadcasting Company, another media-based missions group, as well as local believers in the country. Their goal:  to put a new radio station in each of Mongolia’s provinces.

Twenty-one provinces, two organizations. While this might seem a tall order, they’re already moving forward. Donors have provided almost 1,000 SonSet radios–fix-tuned solar-powered systems which will be distributed near new stations so locals can immediately begin hearing the Good News.

Still, the vision won’t be completed for a while yet. Reach Beyond already has three more stations planned for this year, but each station costs close to $25,000 dollars, and each radio costs $35.

Reach Beyond is already involved in Ebola prevention in West Africa, working with refugees in the Middle East, and providing clean water and medical care in Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America. Now, they’re extending their ministry to Mongolia, and you can help. Just click the link to join Mission Mongolia.

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