Reach more people like Mina with the Gospel

By November 22, 2023

Iraq (CAM) — Mina*, a 22-year-old Yazidi girl, was only recently reunited with her family in Iraq after being captured by the Islamic State years ago. She arrived at the tent camp, where her family now lives, in an ambulance, her hands and feet broken by the constant torture and beatings. She suffered from severe epilepsy and was bedridden for an entire year.

Indigenous missionaries supported by Christian Aid Mission visited the camp in a mobile clinic, offering free medical care and the hope of the gospel. Mina looked forward to their regular visits, telling them, “I am very happy and comfortable with the heavenly words that you share with me, and I feel it is a message to me from God.”

While still bedridden, Mina asked Christ to be her Lord and Savior, and God restored her health and strength. She now shares the work of Christ with other Yazidis.

Would you consider coming alongside Christian Aid Mission to make the name of Christ known to more people like Mina — people whom the enemy of our souls is trying to destroy?

The time to act is now. Let’s make the most of the time and extend the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible before it’s too late!


*Name changed for security


Header image courtesy of Christian Aid Mission.

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