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By March 16, 2016

USA (MNN) — It’s a 74-year-old ministry with a mission that’s never changed. And yet, it’s still as relevant as ever to a very special — and critical — people group.

Keys for Kids Ministries started in in 1942, after a young girl asked why there was nothing good for children on the radio. The Children’s Bible Hour soon became a fixture in homes around the country, sharing the Gospel message in meaningful ways to kids from 4 to 14.


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That age range, 4-14, is the the time when most people hear and respond to the Gospel. It’s a highly diverse group not bound by geography or economy or ethnicity. And the ways kids receive information are constantly changing. The Children’s Bible Hour no longer exists, and yet Keys for Kids is thriving because it remains adaptable.

Greg Yoder, Executive Director for Keys for Kids, loves to talk to ministry supporters. A recent conversation was a testimony to its purpose and staying power. After speaking to a donor who recounted story after story of impact in her own family, he paused and reflected. “I started counting on my hands–and that’s five generations! And I said, “That’s five generations that Keys for Kids has had an impact, and she said, “That’s why I give.'”


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Not all children are able to listen to Keys for Kids radio programming. So how are they being reached? And how will more kids ages 4-14 be reached with the life-changing Gospel? Yoder says that it’s using technology for God’s glory that will make all the difference.

“Our goal is to reach kids and their families with the Gospel of Jesus, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. It’s that simple. And we do that through stories, we do that through Scripture, we do that through interaction on our website, and through social media. You know the technology that God has allowed us to develop and use for His glory is absolutely amazing. Again, we’re not bound by radio stations or even TV stations anymore. The only thing that we’re bound by is the use of the internet, which really has allowed us to accomplish a lot of interesting things, even being able to reach into countries that you can’t step foot in as a Christian. But because [we tell] children’s stories…based on good principles and just being good people, [kids are] opening their hearts to Jesus. And so we’re just really excited about where we’re going.”


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Keys for Kids’ newest venture is translating their devotionals into Mandarin for use on an audio player. Additionally, an e-book devotional is in the works. “We’re really excited about a full-color e-book that we’re going to be putting in the hands of people, that they’re going to have right on their mobile devices.”

Learn more about Keys for Kids and the plans for the future here. And get Keys for Kids ministry resources for children 4-14 here. 


  • gwenn miles says:

    Heard of keys for kids on moody radio indiana.
    Understood you reach muslim Children.
    God Bless

  • Julius says:

    I was moved to see that you reach out to kids in schools the same word. that I do in my country Uganda, I kindly request for more information about your ministry and how we in Uganda can benefit from your services

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