Reaching refugees for Christ

By October 9, 2015
(Photo courtesy European Union)

(Photo courtesy European Union)

Eurasia (MNN) — High-level authorities of the European Union met in Luxembourg recently to discuss a unified response to the Middle East refugee crisis.

The Associated Press kept a running tab of key developments:

  • An additional $451 million (400 million euros) will be used for addressing the refugee crisis.
  • Border security will be increased to “speed up and intensify” deportation.
  • A resolution allowing the EU to crack-down on human traffickers coming from Libya will be put before the UN today.
  • Bavaria’s government is considering “self-defense measures” to limit immigration.
  • The Czech Republic plans on increasing security on its border with Austria.

While overwhelming, the crisis is also creating new opportunities for reaching refugees in Europe, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) reports.

Bible-believing Christians are among the European populations welcoming refugees to their countries. FCBH is helping them share the hope of Christ with hurting and desperate people.

Not all refugees can read, so having audio Scriptures in refugees’ heart language is invaluable.

FCBH is sending 50 BibleSticks in 10 different languages to a refugee center in Austria. Gospel workers will use them when reaching refugees in a nearby camp.

Please continue to pray for those working with refugees in this part of the world.

In the Middle East, as war rages around them, volunteers are bringing thousands of audio Scripture devices to refugees. More than 7,000 BibleSticks, Mini-Proclaimers and Micro-Proclaimers are being shared with families who are desperate for hope.

(Photo courtesy FCBH)

(Photo courtesy FCBH)

Please pray refugees who receive these materials get a chance to speak with believers about Jesus Christ, and His free offer of salvation.

More and more fruit is being borne in refugee camps throughout the region, FCBH reports. The BibleStick plays a significant role, as the majority of these refugees do not read their heart language.

Learn more about FCBH’s work in Eurasia here.


  • I work with thousands of refugees in the “Ebola crisis” neighborhood of Dallas – where can I buy some of these Bible sticks?

    Pastor Jimmy
    Vickery Baptist Church

  • Hi, great to hear about you. I am bringing gospels to the refugees in Calais. I am from the UK. I met a number of refugees who couldn’t read. I am interested in the bible sticks. Where could I get them?
    I would also like to connect with those who are doing the same thing as I in my corner of the vineyard. I you could connect me I would be most grateful.
    Thanks so much
    Mercia Macdonald

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