Reaching the jungles of Honduras with Scripture

By December 26, 2019

Honduras (MNN) – The ancient Mosquitia jungles of Honduras are known for unexpected discoveries of ancient cities. The dense forests lose civilizations and isolate the residents, but Scripture is beginning to reach these communities.

World Missionary Press (WMP) is now working with local partners to distribute thousands of translated booklets.

“These Scripture booklets in the language of the people are the only written word of God that these people have ever seen,” says Helen Williams of WMP.

Meeting Local Needs

Honduras holds nine million people and half of them are children. The need for medicine, school supplies and more is great and on-the-ground organizations work to provide for them.

By working with these local partners, WMP is able to get booklets to unexpected places and supply existing work.

Believers often use the Scripture booklets as Bibles.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“When the booklets…hit the field, the Spirit uses them and because they’re all Scripture…this is exciting for us to see. We work hard to get things out the door, but we know that when they leave here the work has just begun,” Williams says.

One ministry transported 100,00 booklets 23-hours into the Mosquitia jungle to villagers; there was an immediate demand for 200,000 more. Another reaches children with gift packages and yet another works to get mobility devices and aid to the disabled. Medical missions and school support outreaches are all among those using these Scriptural resources in outreach. Thousands of booklets are going out across the country and translation efforts continue.

These efforts have been ongoing. Last year, WMP sent 256,000 booklets and July saw a large outreach in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Today, the fruit is becoming apparent with one ministry reporting an established church, and discipleship program. Learn more about WMP work here.

“The door is wide open. The need is great and people are responding and we have active partners that are…meeting needs in so many different areas,” Williams says.

How you can Help

Plans are underway to send another 20-foot container of over 1 million Scripture booklets. Preparing and sending out a container takes significant support.

“We need to be able to get the material there. And that means we need to increase our production and that’s just a matter of funding for buying the paper and the ink and… shipping the containers,” Williams says.

Join this movement by helping fund increased Scripture production, translation, and distribution to meet the demand. Pray for the partners on the ground and their successful outreach and the volunteer translators who make this work possible.


Header image courtesy of sbmatherson via Pixabay.

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