Reaching the Muslim world for Christ

By September 10, 2015
ISIS insurgents  (Wikipedia)

ISIS insurgents

International (MNN) — Is anyone beyond the reach of redemption? What about ISIS, or other terrorists?

According to Perry LaHaie, with Frontiers, “There’s a great hunger for Jesus in the Muslim world, and we can really get distracted by all the stories dominating the headlines about ISIS and Boko Haram and al-Qaeda…of course, the terrorists need Jesus as much as any others.”

In a free online prayer guide, Frontiers outlines 30 ways YOU can pray for ISIS.

Just like Saul–the greatest persecutor of Christians–became Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament, terrorists can become champions for Christ.

“We just need to look at this with a biblical lens; some say the fastest-growing Church in the world is in Iran,” observes LaHaie.

It’s not just radical Muslims that need prayer. The rest of the Muslim world needs intercession, too.

“Most Muslims abhor what these terrorists are doing,” LaHaie notes.

When some of these individuals hear the Gospel and come to know Christ as Savior, lives are transformed. Occasionally, that transformation leads to miracles, like it did for Kabir and Amir.

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

A few years ago, LaHaie shares, Frontiers missionaries visited the city where Kabir and Amir live. After they shared the Gospel with Kabir, he trusted Christ for salvation and has been living faithfully for Him ever since.

Recently, when Kabir was sharing Christ with a local Muslim teacher and five of his students, something unusual happened.

“Suddenly, one of the students–Amir–began to speak in a voice that was clearly not his own. Cursing the name of Jesus, a demon had taken control of him, and the fear in the room was palpable,” LaHaie shares.

Kabir commanded the demon to come out “in the name of Jesus,” and it obeyed.

“The Muslim leader and his students were stunned by this, and now they’re meeting with Kabir to find out all they can about this Jesus, who has power even over demons.”

Sometimes, the impact of Frontiers missionaries on the Muslim world is more subtle.

After attending a recent wedding, Frontiers missionary Derek “felt impressed to greet a Muslim man,” says LaHaie.

Derek introduced himself to the man, whose name was Musa, and began sharing the Gospel with him. Musa seemed interested in the story of Christ, “So, [Derek] grabbed a New Testament from his hotel room and gave it to [Musa].

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

“Musa went to the streetlight and wouldn’t stop reading it. Derek went back to his hotel room, but soon he heard Musa yelling from the street, ‘Sir, come back!’”

When Derek returned, Musa begged him to stay a few more days so he could finish reading the New Testament. After Derek told him to keep it, “then Musa was yelling down the street, ‘I have one of the holy books!’

“Derek is a leader in Frontiers, and he’s recruiting a team to bring the Gospel to Musa’s city,” LaHaie adds.

Find out how you can help – whether by praying, giving or going – here.


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