Reaching the Unreached with the Gospel requires the global Church

By March 13, 2019

International (MNN) — Take a guess—how many people do you think are still unreached with the Gospel? The answer—over two billion, according to Alliance for the Unreached. Still, a lot of Christians are unaware of the need for God’s Word among unreached people. And it’s a message the organization is trying to put on the Church’s radar.

Sharing the Gospel With Unreached People

Alliance for the Unreached exists to bring the Church together to work towards reaching unengaged and unreached people groups. Alliance for the Unreached desires to make available the compassionate presence of God’s Word to bring life, hope, and joy to those who need it and have never heard it. (Find the manifesto for Alliance for the Unreached here.) However, sharing the urgency of this goal with fellow Christians has its challenges.

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“It is a very simple message, but I think people have so much today that they are distracted by or things that they are involved in as far as organizations, ministries.” says Lee Sonius, regional director with Reach Beyond and also a board member for the Alliance for the Unreached.

“There’s so much out there. We live in an age where we are bombarded every day by so many things on the internet, and I think there’s just so much out there. And this is just one little piece.”

Sonius, who has worked with unreached people firsthand, says one of the goals for Alliance for the Unreached is to make Christians aware of who is still without God’s Word.

For some Christians, the concept of being Scripture-less might not even be a thought. However, this is a reality for many people around the world. This can change by spreading the news about Alliance for the Unreached and sharing the organization’s resources. Thanks to technology, sharing information can happen within seconds from all over the globe.

Technology Furthers the Great Commission

Technology has enabled Alliance for the Unreached to pinpoint where unreached people are in the world while also providing opportunities to learn about them. It is helping decrease the number of people who have never experienced the power of the Gospel in their lives. But, reaching them requires group work.

“My goal would be to see this become a global or an international alliance where people all over can get on board with the plight of unreached people groups,” Sonius says.

Get Involved

Regardless of geographical location, anyone can get involved with Alliance for the Unreached. For starters, begin by praying.

“Be in prayer. Even if you take a certain people group, you adopt a people group in your own prayer life. If you do a prayer journal, pick an unreached people group and just start praying for that group. Maybe pick on every month, you change it every month, but prayer is, to me, a key,” Sonius says.

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Another to get involved is by joining “The Advocate Network” Alliance for the Unreached offers. This network equips participants with tools, resources, and regular updates to raise awareness in their communities about the plight of unreached peoples. Let’s use the technology available to us to bring the best news this world has ever encountered to those who have never heard it.

“It is really heartbreaking to me to know that there are parts of the world still that have not heard about Jesus Christ and don’t know the simple Gospel message,” Sonius says.

Discover unreached people groups to pray for, resources, and a free app here.

Another way to stay updated and spread the word about unreached people groups is by following Alliance for the Unreached on Facebook, and then sharing informational posts. Follow the organization here. 

Finally, June 9, 2019, is International Day for the Unreached. On this day, the global church comes together to pray as a unified body for unreached people groups. However, this can also be a starting block for families and churches to get even more involved with reaching the unreached.

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