Rebels may still make streets unsafe

By August 17, 2007

Liberia (MNN) — A 12 year-old boy has disappeared off the streets of Liberia. 

Young Samuel Barbor was taken to school six days ago. His father Philip Barbor was holding a Bible Reading Marathon for Bible Pathway Ministries when he received the news that his son was missing. 

Some years before, rebels took over Liberia, and it is doubtful that it is safe yet, especially for younger children, reported BPM. 

The Barbor's have experienced physical persecution from Muslims because of their work in Liberia. Pastor Barbor's wife spent days in the hospital for treatment of her injuries after the attack. Now, they are distraught over their missing son and ask that you pray for his safety and speedy return.    

BPM's Bible Reading Marathon's began in 1990 after founder John A. Hash was burdened with the importance of reading the entire Bible. Since then ,marathons have been held in many, many countries. They begin with prayer and continue with Scripture reading for 80 hours. 

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