Rebuilding Haiti with food and prayers

By October 2, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — The summer's hurricanes have left Haiti in ruins, displacing thousands.
World Hope International (WHI) is now working in the impoverished country to help rebuild.

"As a result of the storms, many areas were flooded. The flooding was so severe that the existing road infrastructure (which is only okay) broke down further, and it was difficult to get to people that were stranded," says Megan Nykyforchyn-Clark, who is the Director of International Programs at World Hope and has been closely involved in the Haiti relief. Efforts have been slow going, says Nykyforchyn-Clark, due to the road concerns as well as continued harsh weather.

The most urgent needs are for food and water since many people have been stranded on their rooftops for days with little to no sustenance. WHI is distributing relief packages filled with rice, beans, water, blankets and other necessities.

WHI's child sponsorship program in Haiti also has become an immediate concern. "We have about 21 children who lost their homes completely," says Nykyforchyn-Clark. "Those children are enrolled in a program where they get regular Christian education at their schools, and we want to help them rebuild their lives through also having a dwelling place again."

In terms of future relief, "Our long term strategy is looking at rebuilding the homes of people who are program beneficiaries," says Nykyforchyn-Clark. This of course includes families with children in WHI's sponsorship program.

World Hope International is not responding merely with physical provisions for the Haitians but also seeks to include spiritual healing in their work. "[God] wants us to respond tangibly to their needs and also to provide encouragement from the Word. And so as we've gone out and we've given food, we've also shared the Word and encouraged people," notes Nykyforchyn-Clark. "World Hope International [is] motivated by our faith to reach out to the world." This faith has set WHI apart in its mission to salvage Haiti and serves as the basis for ministry.

When asked how Christians can help WHI in their endeavors, Nykyforchyn-Clark responded: "We need the prayer investment to be able to go forward with our work." She asks people to pray that the relief workers "would have God's solutions to peoples' needs, and we'd be able to bless the nation."

While prayer is certainly a crucial element to the restoration of Haiti, monetary needs are also vast. One relief package costs about $60 dollars to distribute, but further donations are of course welcomed. To help support World Hope International financially, click here. To learn more about WHI and their work in Haiti, visit


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