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Published on 09 March, 2017

Recent tragedies reveal disturbing trend in Niger

Niger (MNN) — It’s been about four months since American missionary Jeff Woodke was kidnapped in Niger, yet little progress has been made in finding him.

(Screenshot courtesy of Open Doors USA)

Woodke, who worked for a local branch of the US-based Youth With A Mission, was taken on the evening of October 14th from the town of Abalak in northern Niger. Nigerien authorities tracked his captors to neighboring Mali, but his exact condition and whereabouts are unknown.

“As the mayor was saying, as many of his colleagues who he worked with before [were saying], there’s never been an issue, there wasn’t a person who disliked this man, yet he was kidnapped and they don’t know what happened to him,” Emily Fuentes, communications director for Open Doors USA, says. “They’ve never had their safety quite at this risk before.”

Niger has often been a peaceful place for Christians to live, but the kidnapping and other recent events reveal a disturbing trend. On Monday, Niger’s defense ministry said at least five armed police officers were attacked in Wanzarbe near the country’s western border with Mali. Two weeks prior, Islamic extremists killed at least 15 soldiers near the same border in the Tillaberi region.

“I think the concerning trend is that it was five, six years ago that it was viewed as a relatively peaceful country, especially for the region,” Fuentes says. “But now we’re seeing, okay, these incidents could sometimes lead to other incidents, and I think we’re going to see maybe a steady stream of continual persecution.”

Open Doors works in Niger and other countries where Christians face persecution by providing education for children, providing jobs for widows, caring for refugees and rebuilding churches. Fuentes says there’s something critical you can do.

(Image courtesy of Open Doors)

“It’s absolutely vital that we be praying for them, especially in a country that’s so used to a more peaceful way of Muslims and Christians living side-by-side,” Fuentes says. “[There are] not many Muslim extremists. We’re seeing some spilling over from Boko Haram in Nigeria as well as maybe other extremists popping up.

“On average, in Nigeria, five churches are destroyed every Sunday.”

Can you come alongside these believers in their time of desperation? There are numerous ways you can help Open Doors assist the persecuted, including prayer and donations. Click here to learn how.

2 responses to “Recent tragedies reveal disturbing trend in Niger”

  1. Fremont California friends of woodke would like allplease news of his kidnapping​. I’ve followed the case from the beginning.No new information has been reported.reported.Please share any/all news available.Tbank you.

  2. Felecia says:

    I find the lack of current news about this a little off putting. I recently read about Bob Olsen who lives in So America w primitive tribes, and he has amazing stories to tell, but one is about being kidnapped 2 or 3 times! Once for 9mths! And just like Jeff he was familiar w the people and environs… so while soft foreigners cld not survive such an ordeal, one steeped in the culture and conditions could indeed survive such an ordeal. I am praying that he can witness to his captureors of the love of Jesus and that he will be able share great testimonies when he is reunited w his family!!

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