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By August 26, 2014
Join CRI on a mission trip to the Philippines. Six stops in October.

Join CRI on a mission trip to the Philippines. Six stops in October.

USA (MNN) — Sometimes you need to take a step of faith. As Scripture says, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Christian Resources International is putting that faith into practice as they prepare for a huge Bible distribution and Gospel event in the Philippines this fall.

What is CRI?

CRI is an organization that collects gently-used Bibles and Christians books and re-purposes them. In other words, they take Bibles and books you’re not using and put them into the hands of Christians around the world who have requested them.

CRI sets ministry record

CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says the past few days have been historic. “In five days we have packed and sent over $3 million (that’s used book value) of free Bibles and Christian books to the Philippines. We’ve sent six sea containers. This is the first time we’ve ever sent six in one week.”

Why six? “They’ll go to six different locations. We will set up a free distribution center, an ongoing free Christian bookstore in Dagupan, Philippines, where people, pastors, and evangelists will be able to come in and get a free Bible or Christian book.”

That will be followed by a pastor’s conference where hundreds of pastors will receive training.

Woolford and the CRI team will be in the Philippines beginning October 1. The trip will culminate with Gospel meetings at the Cuneta¬†Astrodome in Manila. “We are going to be able to minister to over 10,000 people where each person will get a free Bible or free Christian book.”

Those Gospel meetings will include a Christian concert featuring the Michael Maher Band. While the Philippines has been know most recently for natural disasters, it’s also known for radical Islam–especially in the south. Woolford says, “We [have been] praying that some of those people will make their way into this concert–coming to cause problems, but instead getting saved.”

How can you help?

Where does faith come into play regarding the Philippines sea containers? Woolford says, “We sent part of them on faith, so people can still help” with the shipping costs. $10,000 is what it costs to send a sea container. You can sent a one-time gift, or you can help on a monthly basis. $27 a month makes you a book missionary.

If you’d like to help CRI with this initiative, click here.

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  • Hello I am a Pastor and missionary here in Cagayan de oro, Mindanao Philippines. We are in need of bibles for ministry here. Could we partner with ypur work here? Could ypu help us with any Bible donations?

    Yours and HIS


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