Record-setting rainfall swamps China

By June 24, 2022

China (MNN) — Seasonal flooding sets new records in southern China. State media reports that three provinces averaged two feet of rain between May and mid-June, the highest since 1961.

Officials evacuated hundreds of thousands of people as floodwaters swept away homes, businesses, and roads.

“China is going through so many things [lately] with COVID and historic flooding,” Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles for China says.

“[It] reminds us [of] the value of having access to and knowledge of the Word of God, simply to have hope that there is something better than the struggle this world gives to us.”

Bibles for China is still waiting to hear how the flooding affects their partners. “We’re usually a few weeks out on getting the information back” from partners in the field, Rovenstine says.

“This is our busy distribution season; many things are happening through the summer.”

Disaster response is an option, even though it’s not the ministry’s primary focus. “Disaster and times of question [are] a great opportunity for the Church not just to restock their Bibles in their pews, but to be the hands and feet of Jesus,” Rovenstine says.

“If we can help the Church in China love their neighbors, that’s the Gospel in action. That’s what Jesus taught us to do, to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Ask the Lord to give Bibles for China leaders wisdom as they create disaster response plans. When churches lost their Bibles to flooding several years ago, Bibles for China helped replace the Scriptures and more.

“We stepped out of our specific paradigm and helped with a few disaster relief costs, some emergency food. We’ll be there to help [partners] as we can, but most importantly, pray for them in this crisis.”



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