Recycled electronics fund Christian education

By June 25, 2012

USA (MNN) — Who knew you could give a kid overseas a Christ-centered education by recycling your old cell phone that’s collecting dust?

Comprenew, a division of Worldwide Christian Schools, recycles old and unused electronics. When old electronics are donated, Comprenew recycles them, or fixes them up and resells them.

Electronics that qualify for donation include anything from computers and printers to iPods and TVs.

Dale Dieleman with Worldwide Christian Schools says, “We do these collection drops. They’re like the electronic version of the old fashioned paper drive where you have a semi or a trailer at a school or a church, and people just bring in their used electronics, from TVs to cell phones.”

These fixed-up electronics are then resold in e-Thrift stores. Comprenew is currently working on opening another e-Thrift store in expansion.

The proceeds go toward various ministries of Worldwide Christian Schools’ ministries. They exist to spread the Gospel through Christ-centered education to kids all over the world.

Worldwide Christian Schools currently works in India, Zambia, Uganda, and Guatemala.

In donating to Comprenew, Dieleman says, “You’re not only keeping things out of a landfill…you’re also helping children you may never see, in countries you may never even have heard of.”

Dieleman also says that in recycling old electronics, Comprenew is “helping people understand what creation care is in the electronic age, so to speak.”

The double-edged purpose of faithfully stewarding God’s creation while funding the spread of the Gospel in kids’ education is what Comprenew is all about.

Click here to learn more about donating old, unused electronics to Comprenew.

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