Red Rock Mysteries: DGL for the next generation

By July 29, 2014
(Logo cred: Keys for Kids)

(Logo credit: Keys for Kids)

USA (MNN) — Radio is great way to get news or music during your commute to and from work. It’s also effective for teaching children about Jesus and how He wants them to live. Enter: Red Rock Mysteries and Keys for Kids Ministries.

Dave Malin with Keys for Kids says their Keys for Kids Radio (KSKR) broadcasts reach children throughout the U.S.

“We weave the Gospel and the lifestyle of the typical Christian into the program,” Malin explains. “It helps children and the adults who listen understand how to deal, themselves, with those types of situations.”

The new audio drama Red Rock Mysteries is based on a book series written by Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabre. It began airing in mid-May, and is taking the place of an old favorite, Down Gilead Lane (DGL).

At a recent home-schooling conference, Malin said he received positive feedback about the new series.

“Folks came up to us and said, ‘Boy, we really love the new Red Rock series! It’s different [from DGL], but yet it’s still exciting, and we really appreciate the quality of the production,'” recounts Malin.

Listen to a Red Rock episode here.

“We’re into the mid-summer stream of airing that series right now,” says Malin. “It gives us an opportunity to share Christ in very real situations.”

DGL revolved around a family tackling everyday issues with a Christian worldview. Red Rock takes a similar approach, but from a different angle.

Malin explains, “Mom is a single mom raising these two young teenagers” after their father and her husband abandons the family.

Red Rock raises “all the challenges of faith: ‘How do I do this?’ and  ‘Where do we turn for the help in our lives?’…That [answer] becomes, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ.”

While it may seem like everything is going perfectly–the Red Rock series is underway and finding popularity among young audiences,  your prayers and support are still greatly needed.

“People appreciate good radio programming, and unfortunately it’s one of those things that takes a lot of money to do,” Malin explains. “We’re a little bit behind right now, so I guess [it would be good] if folks would pray for our financial needs as we continue on.

“Pray that the programs not only have an impact on families around the country but also help us financially.”

Contact Keys for Kids to learn the best ways you can support their ministry.


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