Refugees at risk in South Sudan

By November 21, 2011

Sudan (MNN) — While South Sudan is a new country, it hasn't taken very long for tensions to rise between the North and South. According to reports, Sudan has been attacking the new nation in the states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan. The conflict appears to be over how the two nations will share the South's sizable crude oil reserve.

President of Open Doors USA Carl Moeller describes the problem. "We have seen and documented bombs falling on refugee camps in critical areas. Christians are indeed caught in the crossfire here. This is a very complex problem."

Moeller says the situation is bad. Will it get worse? "If there's a full-scale war going on, eventually it'll come to the world's attention. But unfortunately, at that point it may be too late to do anything about it."

The situation already is not good. Moeller says, "We have 300,000 displaced in that area. We've got people being killed on a regular basis and literally bombs being dropped, and it's as if nothing is taking place."

International news organizations aren't talking about it. "Why doesn't the world stand up and recognize that Sudan is attacking its neighbor to the south, South Sudan, and do something more officially in the U.N. to condemn this and to provide some troops on the ground to help prevent additional violence?"

Thankfully, the years of civil war and most-recent violence have not destroyed the church. Moeller says, "It is a church that has literally come through the Refiner's fire of persecution. After such horrible persecution, they can't take anything else away from these people."

In the meantime, Open Doors USA is asking Christians to get actively involved in the plight of these brothers and sisters in Christ. "We are praying for the church in Sudan. We are comforting those who have lost [loved ones] and homes; we are providing the material resources they need, and we're alerting the world to what's going on."

Your financial support can help not only the persecuted church in Sudan, but around the world.

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