Refugees find hope in Christ as Sudan war marks first anniversary

By April 15, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — One year ago today, a civil war began between Sudan’s military junta and rebel forces. See our full coverage here.

More than eight million Sudanese have been uprooted in the country since then, and at least two million have crossed into neighboring countries. Unknown tens of thousands have died in the conflict, with countless genocide victims buried in mass graves.

“The burden on East Africa is becoming almost untenable,” says John*, an unfoldingWord partner focused on Sudan. “Chad is one of the top 10 poorest countries in the world; South Sudan is THE poorest country, and that’s where refugees are going.”

Church planters trained by John’s organization meet refugees in several border camps. More about that here. Believers see God turn horrific trauma into something good for these refugees.

“[Refugees have] the desperation of having lost everything and being separated from the normal day-to-day life and just living in constant need. Your soul is so thirsty for any hope, and God is reaping a harvest,” John says.

“Many are coming to Christ because, in their desperation, they’re calling out for help. And in their sleep, God is meeting them. It’s a vision of Jesus, a vision of a man in white.”

Church planters introduce refugees to the hope of Christ through biblical trauma healing. Here’s how you can support that work.

“It’s a simple African way of explaining ‘This is what trauma looks like. This is how it can affect the way you think and the way you feel.’ We have them tell their story, validate it, pray for them, and give them the truth of the Word of God that offers hope,” John explains.

“We’re not able to put a country in therapy, but there were 100 people that our team [recently took] through trauma healing. They came to Christ; within two days, there were 200.”

Ask the Lord to provide food for refugees facing famine. Pray they will find the Bread of Life by connecting with church planters.





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