Refugees get notes of comfort

By June 20, 2016

USA (MNN) — On Friday the Iraqi government announced its security forces had regained full control of central Fallujah. Although this news would seem like an improvement on prior circumstances, it doesn’t do much to help the on-going refugee crisis.

(Photo Courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook) "Operation Speak Comfort", help speak words of love into the lives of a refugees.

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook) “Operation Speak Comfort”, help speak words of love into the lives of a refugees.

However, Global Aid Network is trying to find ways to help refugees, particularly children, right where they are.

GAiN already tries to provide humanitarian relief for refugees. But now, as part of one of its initiatives, GAiN will be providing notes of encouragement and comfort along with the aid as part of the ‘Operation Speak Comfort’ initiative.

GAiN’s Mark Gaither explains, “One of the things we run into when we are interacting with children, especially in very difficult situations, is just the lack of hope. Very often they’ve lost everything recently. If they’re in a refugee camp, they’ve been traumatized and displaced, they’ve lost most of their possessions. And in addition to giving them something physical, like a blanket or food or clean water and things like that to help restore that sense of dignity they’ve lost and to ease that suffering, very often we’re sharing words of comfort.”

Volunteers have the opportunity to send comforting notes to refugees and others who are living in difficult circumstances. But why send a note? Because it lets these people, who have been inhumanely treated, know there is someone who cares about them specifically. That there are people who believe refugees deserve Biblical justice.

“Connecting physically and emotionally helps explain to somebody who’s suffering that Jesus cares about them as a whole,” Gaither says.

These notes are a way to take care of the whole person — including the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects. And, it’s important to do so because Jesus doesn’t only care about the spiritual part of a person, He cares about the whole person. Therefore, so should His people.


(Photo Courtesy Global Aid Network)

Sending a note to refugees is easy. All that’s needed is a good WiFi connection and five minutes to type out a short encouragement. Click here to send a note!

Still pray for the refugees both in the Middle East and elsewhere. Pray for the children growing up surrounded by violence, hate, and destruction. And pray for these people to not only hear God’s Word, but to experience Christ’s love in such a way that they have open hearts to the Gospel.

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