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By November 18, 2020

International (MNN) — If you’ve ever been to an international worship conference, you know what a surreal experience it is to praise God with people from different backgrounds, countries, and languages. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic this year, many in-person conferences and events were canceled.

That’s why Global Disciples was inspired to do something different.

This Friday, November 20 at 7:30 pm ET, Global Disciples is hosting a free international worship event online called NationsWorship!

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Global Disciples’ worship specialist Tim Bentch says, “With technology, we’re not limited by geography. So we thought of this idea of pulling together a worship session that would be live online with our partners from 62 different nations around the world, and share that unique experience of what it would be like before the throne of God when every tribe, every nation is represented worshipping the Lamb.”

NationsWorship will stream live from Victory Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The event will feature songs of praise to God and lament, times of prayer, and video submissions of worship from other parts of the world.

Bentch says, “We’ve got a lot of worship coming from Africa, many parts of countries in Asia, as well as Central and South America. To me, it’s [an] opportunity to see what their worship is like and to do our best to enter in with them to experience God in a fresh and new way.”

NationsWorship will also feature an exclusive, new song from singer-songwriter Sandra McCracken.

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

“She’s written a brand new song called ‘Stand As One’ and recorded a beautiful video. Some musicians from Prague in the Czech Republic as well as from Ethiopia are adding additional tracks. So we bring that international sense that we really are standing together as one in Christ. That will be the closing of our NationsWorship, singing the song [as] we stand as one and we worship the King.”

It’s not too late to sign-up. Register for NationsWorship here!

“It’s entirely free!” Bentch says. Once you register, “We’ll then send you some updates as well as a link to log on to NationsWorship.”

You can even host a Worship Watch Party for NationsWorship, in accordance with your local COVID-19 restriction guidelines. Click here to become a Worship Watch Party host!

Please also pray in the days leading up to NationsWorship. Ask the Holy Spirit to use this time of worship to turn hearts towards Jesus and unify His Church.



Header image courtesy of Global Disciples.

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