Relief aid from last week’s Pakistan earthquake continues

By October 4, 2013

Pakistan (MNN) — Have you forgotten about the earthquake that hit Pakistan
last week? Baptist Global Response hasn’t, and the ministry continues to provide relief. The latest
death toll has reached 357 with 620 injured.

With the 7.7 magnitude earthquake hitting the impoverished
Baluchistan province, it is difficult for relief teams to reach the remote
mountain villages; complications arise due to a separatist insurgency in the
region. Thousands of mud and brick homes are collapsed leaving more than
100,000 homeless.

The Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority said
food, tents, and blankets are being sent to the affected areas, and satellite images
will be used to access the damage. The Pakistan Army is also leading response
efforts and is sending several trucks of shelter and food supplies to the area.
Reports from members of the paramilitary Frontier Constabulary have reported
that there have been attacks on relief helicopters by rebels in the area. Pray
for the safety of all who strive to help the victims of this massive earthquake.

Jeff Palmer from Baptist Global Response states, “The families
in this area live in extreme poverty and do not know of God’s great love for
them.” There are concerns from BGR’s partners who know the area of extreme
distress affecting the people at this time of devastation. With temperatures
also reaching around 108 degrees, stranded survivors of the earthquake are
struggling without tents, food and water.

Please pray with us that God will have mercy on
these families and make His love for them known. You can help people in need
who are suffering in the aftermath of this disaster by donating to BGR’s Disaster Response Fund.

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