Relief group continues aid, despite violence

By October 7, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan is still a volatile country. The Taliban has threatened to attack resupply convoys. So far, it appears relief supplies to the devastated Pujab Province haven't been touched. While relief organizations are concerned, it's not stopping their work.

One such organization is Baptist Global Response. BGR's Mark Kelly says they avoid the problems with shipping because of how they choose to provide aid. "For Baptist Global Response, the preference is to buy relief supplies locally, when that's possible. When you can buy locally, you're getting relief goods where they're needed more quickly. It's less expensive, and it also puts money back into the local economy."

It also avoids dangers on the road. Kelly says providing food and relief supplies from outside the area can have negative implications. "It's not food that people are used it. It's not anything that people are familiar with. And many times, people who are hungry reject relief food when it's not something they're familiar with; they don't know what it is."

Kelly says even though it's dangerous, their work goes on. "The love of Christ compels you to go to help people who are in need. Baptist Global Response is about connecting people who care with people in need. And there are always risks connected with that, even in places that you might think are safe."

Pakistan is grateful for the relief as 18 to 20 million people are affected by the flooding in the region. Kelly says, "The number of people affected by this flooding exceeds the number of people affected by the 2004 tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, and the previous Pakistan earthquake combined. It's just mind boggling."

What's disappointing is that few Christians have responded to the need. "Baptist Global Response has allocated about $650,000 for food, water, temporary shelter, cooking kits, medical and hygiene kits. As of three weeks ago or so, all we have seen in donations toward Pakistan is $50,000."

While their desire is to provide for those in need, BGR 's motivation is something else. "Everything we do is motivated by the fact that God loves all people and He has a special place in His heart for people in need. People need to know that God loves them. That's what motivates our service."

Your support today can help Baptist Global Response provide relief to a people who are desperate physically and spiritually. Click here to give your support.

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