Relief operations stepped up for flood victims in South Asia

By August 16, 2007

South Asia (MNN) — An estimated 45 million people across India, Nepal,
Bangladesh and Pakistan have
been affected by flooding, many of them now homeless. The United Nations
estimates at least 2,200 people have been killed in
the floods, and survivors are now threatened by waterborne disease.

SIM supports several ministries of the Emmanuel Hospital
Association, including Duncan Hospital in Bihar–one of the worst-affected districts in the State. SIM's Steve Strauss says, "Entire areas
are completely underwater, and there's no access to anything that's not
underwater. Buildings are flooded, and this is the case at the Duncan Hospital.
We are trying to partner with them."

One colleague reports, "We have sent out a relief
medical team to Sugauli this morning. Yesterday I visited, and the situation is
very serious. At present it is raining
heavily again. We are setting up the hospital as a receiving centre for
pregnant women and sick children who may need to be evacuated from their homes.
Some areas are only accessible by boat."

The EHA Disaster Management Team, explains Strauss, is
coordinating the emergency response. "We set up a project to try to
alleviate some of the immediate conditions and also help for some of the
rebuilding and some of the rehabilitation that needs to be done." 

Strauss urges prayer for Duncan Hospital
staff and volunteers as they struggle to cope with reaching out to many people
impacted by the floods. "Whether it's expatriate missionaries or Indian
and Bangladeshi believers, we can make a tremendous impact when we reach out
and minister to people's human needs, especially when there's a catastrophe
like a flood like this.  It gives us a
great opportunity to reflect the love of Christ."

There is an urgent need for volunteers. Please pray
for more volunteers to be raised up. Pray, too, for effective responses to minimize the suffering and impact on
Bihar. Click here if you can help.

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