Relief project stalls for lack of funding

By July 14, 2011

Sri Lanka (MNN) — An I.N. Network humanitarian aid project to Sri Lanka is
stalled for lack of funding.

Heavy rains and flooding occurred in two phases, between December 2010
and February 2011. The government calls
the disaster the worst in recent history, with the loss of nearly a fifth of the
country's agricultural land. A heavily-damaged rice crop meant possible starvation for up to 1 million people.  Hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed
by floods. 

For the flood victims, the lack of restoration is just one more disaster on
top of the 2011 flooding. Many survivors
barely had recovered from the civil war only to lose their homes to the tsunami
of 2004.   

I.N. Network Sri Lanka staff committed to help local churches provide relief
supplies for 325,000 who lost everything, but right now, the ministry has
raised funds for just 6% of the project.  

Months after the flood waters have receded, they still need to supply powdered
milk, rice, clothing, and water for the survivors. Staff members are working with local
churches in these affected areas, connecting Christian nationals to more
effectively minister the Gospel, but I.N. Network's help is vital to this
country whose emergency funds have been depleted by so much devastation. 

I.N. Network leadership takes comfort in knowing that the staff know the
families personally and can walk alongside as they work to rebuild their lives
and homes yet again.

Pray for flood relief efforts in eastern Sri Lanka. The urgent need is for
housing for refugees whose homes are completely destroyed, and also for basic
necessities like food and clothing. Click here for details on how to help.

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