Relief workers risk it all to bring aid, Christ’s love

By August 25, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — As floods have ravaged Pakistan, relief workers have not been spared. Southern Baptists have risked it all to bring relief to flood victims, to the point of death.

Three Southern Baptist national partners were swept away and killed by the floods. One worker with a similar story is in critical condition. Several others have been beaten by desperate and hungry survivors.

Still, Southern Baptists continue to dole out food and resources. International Mission Board says the UN's new estimates are that "eight million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance." The same reports say the 4.6 million people are without shelter.

Southern Baptists have now responded with $225,000 in relief and hunger funds, but much more is needed. Francis Horton with Baptist Global Response relates that the UN has assessed this disaster as affecting more people than the past few earthquakes and the tsunami combined. Many survivors who escaped death from the flooding now face death as a result of food shortage and a lack of safe drinking water.

Southern Baptist relief workers are providing food and resources efficiently, but IMB reports difficulties in providing shelter. Tents are in low supply, so aid workers are exploring other options for temporary housing.

IMB and its partners have been able to help a great many people in Pakistan. One partner reports having saved 600 men and 425 women with their children. Praise God for these successes, and continue to intercede on behalf of the many suffering in Pakistan. Pray that God would strengthen relief workers and give them the ability to love without condition as they work grueling days serving people in the name of Christ.

To help fund IMB's Baptist Global Response as they aid the millions of struggling survivors, click here.

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