Religion laws not stopping Christian work in Central Asia

By May 16, 2006

Central Asia (MNN) — Despite laws restricting religious freedom in the Central Asian Republics, Bible Mission International continues its ministry there. Bible Mission continues its emphasis on Church Leader Development, New Church Development and youth ministries. With summer approaching, youth camps are a major part of their work.

Bible Missions’ Bob Lovell says they’re not facing any trouble in Kazakhstan. “These are church sponsored, church operated camps. Obviously, the kids get to have a whole lot of fun, but the purpose is to share with them the Gospel and then in some of the surrounding republics there’s a little bit of some question as to how much we’re able to do, but in Kazakhstan we’re not having any problems.”

While the doors are open, Bible Mission needs funding to send more kids to summer camp. “It costs just $30 to send a kid to camp for a week, which is an amazing price when you think they’re eating three meals a day and there’s transportation to the camp and then the different activities that are involved there and there are thousands of kids that get to go, but our goal is to find sponsors for three thousand children this year.”

The camps start in June and run all the way through August for young school aged children through young adults, says Lovell. “What’s exciting about some of the young adult camps is those are English camps, where short-term missionaries from the U-S get involved in the camps and actually help young folks with the English language.”

These camps are effective in leading people to Christ, Lovell says. “They’re hearing the Gospel full-time because that’s what’s taught. So, when they sing songs, they’re singing songs about Jesus. And, when they’re learning how to read better and communicate better they’re talking about Jesus.”

In the mean time, prayer partners are needed. Lovell says if, “People would like know how to pray for a specific district or region in Central Asia, we’d be happy to send them a little brochure and when they read about it, it makes a little bit more sense and they can pray with some knowledge and some understanding of that particular district or region.”

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