Remote villages need resources to strengthen ministries

By February 28, 2008

Peru (MNN) — One of Bright Hope International's partner churches in a remote area of Peru  made a request just a few months ago. They asked Bright Hope to help provide them with a boat for emergency transportation on the river at the edge of their village. 

Just a few days ago, the three-year-old daughter of the pastor was severely burned. Bright Hope's Craig Dyer says this is the exact situation they wanted the boat for. However, "Bright Hope hasn't been able to fill that need yet. It's about $2500 to purchase this boat, but transportation like that would help in emergencies like for this little girl that would help make it easier for her to get out."

The pastor's daughter, Judith, was able to get to the hospital. "She is being looked after–not the greatest care that you or I would want for our children, but it's the best they can do in this situation," said Dyer.   

The pastor in this village is the lone Gospel witness in his village. When disasters like this strike in situations like that, church work often has to stop for a time. This is a real example of the complexities that face Christian work in remote places.

Dyer said it's important for Westerners to know the invaluable impact that simple resources can make in spreading the Gospel. "We could make their families safer, their ministries more effective. Just by simply giving some gifts, we could increase the work of the Gospel, increase the work of the church and make it a stronger, healthier community."

By visiting Bright Hope's Web site, you can get involved in helping the poorest of the poor.   You can support this church in Peru, orphans, or any other project with Bright Hope. 

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