Renewed airline route means greater missions access for northern Haiti

By October 15, 2020
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Haiti (MNN) — Good news for Haitians and ministries: Spirit Airlines has resumed their flight service to Cap-Haitien. That makes Spirit Airlines the only company running non-stop flights between northern Haiti and the United States.

Eva DeHart at For Haiti with Love says American Airlines used to conduct flights through Cap-Haitien, but things got tough for the ministry when they stopped.

“That made it virtually impossible to have an easy way to get from Cap-Haitien back to the United States without doing an overnight in Port-au-Prince,” DeHart says. “It left you trying to make connections with local small planes to get down to Port-au-Prince and then finding someplace to stay overnight and then catching American [Airlines] or one of the big ones to come back out…. It made it virtually impossible to take a team down because of the connection problems.”

For Haiti with Love’s 29th Pilgrim House (Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

Thanks to Spirit Airlines, getting mission teams to northern Haiti should be easier. For Haiti with Love relies on mission teams for projects like building Pilgrim Houses for families in need.

For Haiti with Love recently finished their 29th Pilgrim House and it serves as a tangible expression of Jesus’s love for the family they blessed.

“They were the most excited about it of any family that we’ve ever provided a home for. They kept coming over every single day [and] volunteering their time to help with the construction. When the guys started working on the finer details of the house, then they came over and planted flowers and planted their cactus fence that most Haitians use for security. The enthusiasm was just overwhelming,” DeHart says.

“It was such a delight to be able to present them with the keys and do the dedication of the home. It helps everybody’s morale because everybody around them was excited for them and with them. And it was inspiring to our crew to be able to finish for somebody that was so excited about it.”

(Photo courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

If your church is looking for a missions opportunity, consider partnering with For Haiti with Love and helping their Pilgrim House program.

Click here to contact For Haiti with Love!

“It is a bold witness in the area where God is building the home [and] where He’s providing future security for an entire family.”



Header photo courtesy of Jacky Lo via Unsplash.

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