Renewed fighting in Ukraine

By January 29, 2015
(Photo courtesy Mission Eurasia)

(Photo courtesy Mission Eurasia)

Ukraine (MNN) — Peace seems to be a temporary thing in Ukraine. After five months of tolerated peace, fighting broke out.

Reuters reports a rebel advance launched last week, which not only sparked the war once again, but also brought threats to Moscow.

The United States has agreed to loan Ukraine $2 billion to help with “near-term social spending.” Reuters also reported Jack Lew, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, criticized Moscow for supporting separatists. The U.S. said they are willing to step up economic pressures against Russia.

Reuters said IMF (International Monetary Fund) officials are negotiating a $17 billion bail-out package, which the pro-Western Ukraine government hopes can be used to pay off debts due.

Three more Ukrainian soldiers were killed during overnight fighting. Since last April, this conflict has cost Ukraine more than 5,000 lives. Cities and streets have become increasingly unsafe. Families are either fleeing their homes or constricted to them. Putting one toe outside is like entering a war zone.

Mission Eurasia reports that local churches worked to open 34 soup kitchens where there is current fighting or fighting close by. They are feeding thousands each day.

School Without Walls students and other church volunteers are also helping out, along with Feed My Starving Children who sent close to 300,000 meals to refugees.

Their focus is mainly on giving these meals to the elderly, disabled, and families with younger kids.

As churches empty out their wallets to help strengthen thousands physically, they’re also giving them spiritual strength. They are distributing Bibles, and offering counseling and prayer.

The entire project is an enormous load. These churches can’t support thousands for a long time. They need help. Can you help this to keep going? Click here to donate. Every dollar counts!

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