Residents flee eastern Ukraine as Russian troops advance

By March 8, 2024

Ukraine (MNN) — A senior Russian officer warns that the Ukraine conflict could spread into Europe as Russian troops advance in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine says its forces are “holding on,” but Russian troops are now attacking five areas along the 700-mile front line. Those who stayed as long as possible in places like Donetsk are now boarding trains to flee as Russian troops inch closer.

Darrel Templeton with MegaVoice says, “The conflict seems to be escalating; Russia is doubling down, and a lot of the support has pulled away from Ukraine and is going to other situations around the world.”

Anxiety is tangible as families mourn their losses and fear what the future may hold.

“According to the statistics and what our people are telling, virtually every family in Ukraine is, at most, one step away from the devastation,” Templeton says.

“They are dealing with extreme PTSD at times; they have lost their whole family or their whole city. To speak into their lives at this time with God’s Word is crucial.”

MegaVoice church partners throughout Ukraine have refused to leave. They’re distributing audio Bibles to everyone who asks, and the demand is constantly rising.

Each audio Bible “has a flashlight. It’s solar-powered, and it has God’s word and trauma healing courses,” Templeton says.

Pray that the peace of Christ will comfort hearts on both sides of this war.

There are believers in both Ukraine and Russia, and each must have “internal peace with God before we can have peace with each other,” Templeton notes.



Header image depicts residential buildings in Kurakhove city (Donetsk region of Ukraine) after the Russian bombing on 3 March 2024. Regional administrations report 16 injured people and at least 15 damaged residential buildings. (Wikimedia Commons)

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