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By May 20, 2015
resource distribution

Aruba (MNN) — It’s a tropical island that’s famous for white sandy beaches, mild trade winds, and the most amazing snorkeling known to man. The aqua colored water that surrounds this island off the coast of Venezuela isn’t known for its need for Christian resource distribution, but it is now.

Executive Director of Christian Resources International Jason Woolford says, “Over the last year, we’ve been working with a graduate of Moody Bible [Institute], and her husband is finishing up his degree. They asked, ‘Hey, we heard we could come to the free library there and pick up some materials. We were hoping to get two or three boxes.'” CRI said “Yes.”

resource distribution

Ed and Luisette Kraal want to use their education from Moody Bible Institute to train pastors in Aruba. They’re getting the resources they need from Christian Resources International. (Photo courtesy of Jason Woolford)

Woolford says Ed and Luisette Kraal want to go back to Aruba and train pastors and lay leaders. As they do, they want to give them the tools they need to be successful.

Woolford says that’s all he needed to hear. “I just felt prompted, as we have what they need, to let them know that we were going to send them a used book value of $40,000–a Great Crate–to Aruba. It’s on its way there.”

He adds the Bibles and Christian books will be used to “further their education [and] to become better leaders and have materials to do outreach.”

This is just another connection to Moody Bible Institute. Woolford says, “God has been bringing some Moody folks through our ministry and really locking arms with them and doing incredible things around the globe with them.”

Listen to the interview with Jason Woolford.

This Great Crate will allow them to do more than this couple had ever imagined. “They were hoping to be able to give 10 or 15 pastors the materials that they would need, but this has the ability to reach about 3,000 people–pastors and others–needing and wanting God’s Word.

Distribution of this Great Crate wasn’t budgeted this year. Woolford says, “Every time God asks us to do something, or we see something that needs to be done, we do it. And then, things show up financially to make it happen.”

CRI needs $3,500 to pay for these resources to get to Aruba. He says that amounts to about $1 a book. “You can’t even go and buy a Bible or seminary book for less than that. So, you’re seeding into good ground.”

Aruba is just one place where resources are scarce. Woolford says, “Throughout the world, we have people who don’t have the resources, and they’re improvising. And there’s one thing we can do, and that is improvise on the Word of God.”

When that happens, it breeds false teaching and cults.

You can become a Book Missionary through CRI. $20 helps deliver 20 books to pastors in Aruba. Click here to help their cause.


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