Resource trip boosts missionary work in Mexico.

By May 9, 2007

(MNN) — It's the second annual mission trip for Christian Resources
CRI's John Lowrey is with
the team in Guaymas, (WHY-mas) Mexico.  They're supporting missionary partners there
in literature distribution, and evangelism. 
"We have the opportunity to put pastor libraries into the hands of
all of the graduating students in the local Bible college. We'll have a chance
to give them good study Bibles and materials that will help them in their
training and their studies.  Then, as
they depart out to their ministries, they'll have resources that will be
available to them."  The Bible
school graduates its next class in two weeks. 

Lowrey says they're back with missionary partners Jesse and
Jenny Navarro to help them with their outreach. 
For the rest of this week, the CRI team will be involved in evangelistic
work the Navarros have already started. "We have three different locations
where we're going to be putting three different Vacation Bible Schools. It'll
give us the chance to present the word to children and their families.  Friday, we actually will be spending a day in
a village that has very little kind of this interaction with American

In addition, the King's Kids Orphanage, also run by the
Navarros, added enough room to accommodate another eight or nine small
children.  Rather than aim for an
institutionalization with more children, the Navarros opted instead for a home
atmosphere and house parents. That enables them a closer and warmer interaction
with the children.

A new building next to the orphanage, which will house extra
bathrooms, sinks and showers for the influx of children they're anticipating in
the next few years.

A nearly finished medical clinic on the property will house
dental equipment and a newly-donated machine that magnifies print and projects
it onto a wall.  That will enable
sight-impaired villagers to have the ability to decipher text.

CRI is excited to be a part of the Navarros' vision for
kingdom building in one of the poorest areas of Guaymas.  It's a partnership that plants seeds and
nurtures harvest in the Great Commission.

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