How to respond to turmoil in the Middle East

By January 14, 2020

International (MNN) — Chaos brews in the Middle East. Tensions between Iran and the U.S. continue to rise, leaving believers around the world searching for peace amidst chaos.

Denise Godwin of International Media Ministries says the answer to the upheaval is Gospel peace. “A lot of the people in this region, in the Middle East and North Africa and in many parts of the world, are not accustomed to freedom being automatic,” she says. “I imagine their hope is based in Christ in a different way as the Body of Christ all around the world.”

Inspiring Middle Eastern believers means spotlighting local exemplars of faith. For one, they’re bringing Iranian believers into their studio to share Christ with the Middle Eastern Church.

Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries

Next, they’re spotlighting ancient believers indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. This year, International Media Ministries will work to translate stories of significant historical Christians from the area. By sharing their stories and the impact their work has to this day, they hope to inspire the global Church to take heart in the face of persecution and tension.

“We want people to know truth, and the truth of Christ is supreme and brings hope when there seems to be no hope in circumstances, and it’s just so important to continue sending that message,” she says.

Consider digging into the stories of famous historical Christians for yourself for a plethora of inspirational reminders of God’s faithfulness. These stories can also act as conversation-starters so believers can introduce their neighbors to Christianity in action.

Godwin points out that these stories often transcend cultural differences, and that’s especially true with International Media Ministries resources. Thanks to English and Arabic translations and subtitles, you can show others examples of Christians following God with their hearts, souls, and minds, all in your neighbor’s heart language.

But the most important tool for Middle Eastern believers in 2020? Prayer.

“As we start hearing wars and rumors of wars and challenges to people around the world, it’s an important time to pray for the body of Christ,” Godwin says. “We pray for them to be faithful and to honor Christ no matter what is happening in their lives. What a marvelous theme to take into this new year as we… face things that are uncertain.”

Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries

Pray also for wisdom. “When is the time to stand up and when is the time to hide or escape? That is something only they can answer. Pray for those people in the parts of the world that are in war and persecution, that they have wisdom from the Holy Spirit to know when to change their location [and] their circumstances and pray that their faith would stand strong and that they would hear the voice of God in all their circumstances.

“Let’s be faithful no matter what occurs in our world and our lives and our personal lives.”

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