Response to JESUS Film is like 2,000 years ago

By August 26, 2009

The Gambia (MNN) — Some viewers responded, "No man speaks as this Man speaks." It reflects the same awe that new believers had when Jesus first came to Earth. 

A video cameraman filmed people of The Gambia as they watched and responded to seeing The JESUS Film for the first time. Ninety-seven percent of the country is non-Christian, which makes their openness to the Gospel especially exciting. Most are devoted to Middle Eastern religions. Thousands of people in the restricted nation are seeing the film, and they are ready for the message that it offers.

Because the film is in their heart language, entire audiences are learning that Jesus has power over demons, can heal the sick, and that He really did rise from the dead. 

In previous reports, missionaries have spoken with new believers in The Gambia. In each case, there was a previous encounter with God that opened their hearts to hear the Gospel message. God is at work in the country, despite statistics that Christians are, by far, a minority.      

If you feel led to encourage and equip missionaries to show this film, you can donate here. A
generous donor has offered to double all donations right now, up to $10,000. Pray that hearts will be moved by this footage so that there is increasing support of the work being done in Africa.

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