Restored airstrips in PNG will help in medical emergencies

By January 27, 2009

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — The need for the immediate evacuation of missionaries in case of emergency is prevalent in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and other areas of the world with difficult terrains. Air travel is sometimes the only safe way to a hospital.

Last year, an accident occurred in which a Wycliffe Associates Bible translator cut his fingers with an electric table saw. Luckily, the missionary was able to be transported via aircraft to a hospital one hour away. Due to the mountainous terrain and intense rainfall of PNG, transportation by air is typically the only swift means to help someone with a medical emergency. These emergencies are fairly common, especially considering the number of volunteers, Bible translators, support personnel and children in PNG can often reach 1,000.

Wycliffe Associates is therefore raising funds to reopen airstrips in PNG to allow for safe, quick, and simple flight evacuations to occur when necessary.

Wycliffe Associates is working to replace and renovate roads and airstrips in several different countries this year and will continue to work with thousands of volunteers in over 40 countries.

If you can help Wycliffe create safety nets for those faithfully serving the ministry, click here.

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