Resurgence of Shining Path terrorists threatens ministry in Peru.

By September 15, 2003

Peru (MNN)–A Peruvian mission leader told Christian Aid this week that Shining Path terrorists are seeking to make a comeback in his country, and are attacking peaceful tribes is one of their ploys to grab power.

The leader, whose name cannot be disclosed for security reasons, said small bands of Shining Path terrorists invade peaceful Ashaninka villages and capture children as young as 10 years old to train as future terrorists. Then they force the adults to farm plots of land, hunt game, and fish the rivers to provide food for the terrorists.

The terrorists dwell in camps high in the mountainous cloud forests, making the area nearly inaccessible, even by helicopter. On rare clear days, the terrorists can see the helicopters coming and evacuate the camps long before the commandos arrive. If government forces try to reach the camps by ground, they often get lost or arrive long after the terrorists have left.

The mission leader suggested that increased government support for indigenous peoples in the jungles is key to stopping the terrorists. However, he said the main weapon to be deployed is prayer. “United prayer, regardless of denomination, turned the tide once before, and it will do so again,” he said.

The ministry has extensive work among the Ashaninkas who also are seeking to gain the confidence of a newly discovered tribe and win them to the Lord.

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