Returning US military serving in Iraq participate in family camp

By August 16, 2004

USA (MNN) — Thousands of military personnel from the United States are returning from battle in Iraq. Many are trying to put their lives back together as many have spent months away from family. These heroes are looking for answers to life’s important questions.

Young Life understands the struggle they’re going through and they’re reaching out. Last week they held a special ‘family camp’ for 36 Fort Carson military families. Young Life’s Ty Saltzgiver. “Having Fort Carson here in Colorado Springs (we) thought wouldn’t it be something to get a group of military families of returning soldiers from Iraq to enjoy a week of family vacation and have an experience where certainly God is proclaimed,” says Saltzgiver.

Saltzgiver says this was designed to be an evangelistic outreach. “We were very upfront with the chaplains at Fort Carson. Anyone who was chosen knew that at the beginning.” He says, after serving in war situations military personnel are searching. “President Eisenhower said there’s no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole. They are much more open to spiritual things and as a family (they’re) open.”

Prayer is needed for many of these families. Saltzgiver says, “Many of them are facing redeployment. And so, here they get a taste of being a family again, but then the possibility of being sent back. I pray very much for their hearts to turn to God and rely on Him and lean on Him.”

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