Revamped VR adventure lets your family explore India

By July 26, 2019

USA (MNN) — Taking your child on a trip to India doesn’t require a plane ticket. Thanks to Mission India, your family can go on a virtual reality adventure through Experience India!

When you sign up for Experience India, Mission India will send you a free Adventure Pack in the mail which includes a cardboard virtual reality headset. You’ll explore India in 3D and see how the Gospel is spreading — through the eyes of kids!

Mission India’s Erik* says, “It focuses squarely on our Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs, and there are four different weekly experiences. There is a traditional video that you get to view and then there’s also the virtual reality piece where [in some weeks] you’re immersed into a slum, and [in others] you get to see how God is working through the Bible Clubs [in the mountains].”

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India partnered with Sonlight Curriculum last year to create Experience India. Since then, they have improved and revamped the program.

“This is great for families who really want to grow in their faith and in their walk with Christ,” Erik says. “It’s also great for churches that want to really, in a creative way, showcase the Great Commission.”

When people think of India, they may conjure images of colorful sarees or the Taj Mahal. But there is more to this beautiful country — a flourishing Indian Church. Experience India is a helpful tool to grow hearts for the Great Commission in India.

“There are 1.3 billion people that live in India and not many of them know Jesus.”

Erik says the responses to the program have been encouraging. “The feedback has been fun to listen to and to read and engage with. Some of them come on as donors…and joined in helping us share the love of Jesus in India.”

(Image courtesy of Mission India)

If you live in the US or Canada, you can sign up for Experience India for free here!

“Within a couple of days, we’ll ship out your Adventure Kit and you can start the process of going through and learn more about India and the Great Commission.”

Meanwhile, pray for believers in India. Ask God to strengthen the Children’s Bible Clubs and their leaders. Please pray for kids who are learning about Jesus to grow in their young faith.




Header image courtesy of Mission India.

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