Revival hitting college campuses, says Life Action Ministries

By March 27, 2006

USA (MNN) — Confessions of sin, repentance, and contrition are all an important part of the Gospel message. Today, many churches in the western world are avoiding those words to make church services more ‘seeker’ friendly. However, Life Action Ministries says those words are important have been important in seeing a move of God on two university campuses in the United States.

Life Action’s Byron Paulus says sin, repentance and contrition are words that can’t be forgotten. “Many messengers of the Gospel quickly race from the truth of the Gospel to the freedom, to the forgiveness, to the love side and to the worship, but they forget the first half of that cycle of life. That it begins with honesty and humility.”

Paulus likens this phenomenon to the Old Testament prophets. “They were never very popular, but they were really right in their message. I think what God tends to do is until we get to the place of acknowledging our need and crying out to Him and seek Him for brokenness and repentance, He allows us to come to the place where we have nowhere else to turn.”

Paulus says it seems there’s always a remnant of people who are praying for this kind of repentance. That’s exactly what’s happened on the campus of Asbury College in the State of Kentucky. “There were like 45 students that were praying, literally almost 24/7 day after day and finally at the end of February God just moved powerfully again at Asbury for a weeklong, continuous chapel services day and night. It was a spontaneous move of God.”

A similar event happened with 150 University of California Berkeley students repenting and who continue to pray for colleges and universities across the United States.
Paulus says when revival and renewal takes place, the purest form of evangelism is the end result. “I believe that there will be students that were lost on those campuses that were using the number one excuse for not turning to the Lord is all the hypocrites. Well, what do you do when the hypocrites say, ‘I’m a hypocrite. Here’s my sin. I’ve failed. I’ve met with God.’ It takes away that excuse.” Paulus says that’s when God can really work.

Life Action has a resource that can help you seek the Lord. It’s called, ‘Seeking Him.’ It’s available on their website. Click on the link below to get connected.

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