Revival Stems from Thousands of Christians’ 28-Minute Commitment

By April 11, 2008

USA (MNN) — Thousands of people in Albuquerque are listening to God's word while they drive to work in the morning or on the way home, while they exercise, do the dishes or any other daily task.  Since December, Faith Comes By Hearing has distributed 40,000 of their Audio Bibles.

Their You've Got the Time campaign was fueled by statistics about Bible reading from nationally recognized research organizations that reported that of those who identified themselves as Bible readers, 65 percent had not read through the entire New Testament. 
The number one reason given for this?  Lack of time. 

But now, the portable audio Bibles one solution.  "If people don't engage in God's Word, then how are they going to know the truth and hope it contains?" said Troy Carl, the national director for Faith Comes By Hearing. "Audio Bibles provide an innovative way for people to incorporate the Word of God into their daily lives."

The volunteer bible listening campaign requires people to listen to the recording 28 minutes a day for 40 days.  In that time, listeners will hear the entire New Testament.  There are, right now, 100 congregations form 55 denominations participating in this campaign.  

Pastors have noticed a great change within their congregations.  There is a greater spiritual hunger, desire for growth, church commitment and community outreach; all of this Pastors are crediting to the time that believers are beginning to spend hearing God's word. 

"Anytime people begin to interact with God's Word, like you see here in Albuquerque, people begin to want to help other people. They also begin to tell other people about the God of the Bible," said Carl.

You can get your own free download of the Audio New Testament here.

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