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Published on 17 January, 2005

Revive Our Hearts has ‘Seeking Him’ focus

USA (MNN) — A 12-week study which will help people experience the joy of personal revival will be the focus of a Christian radio ministry beginning next week.

The study is call called “Seeking Him”, written by in part by Nancy Leigh DeMoss the speaker on Revive Our Hearts, and Life Action Ministries. DeMoss says “Revive Our Hearts” will go through the study for 12 weeks. “It’s giving people a track to run on. There’s not a radio broadcast or book or sermon or program that will revive our hearts, it’s Christ who does that, he is the Reviver. And, we just want to help fill that need and that hunger in people’s hearts.”

The workbook has only been in Christian bookstores for a few weeks, but DeMoss says the response has been great. She says college students, churches, men’s groups, Sunday school classes and others are getting involved. DeMoss says it’s even reaching overseas. “I heard recently a report from a reserve military chaplain who’s being sent to Iraq shortly and he said ‘we’re going to be using this as one of our primary tools of ministry with our American soldiers over there.”

Evangelistically, DeMoss says “Seeking Him” could have a huge impact. “When we’re healthy spiritually, then a sign of that is going to be a passion and a love for the Gospel and for Christ. So, I believe there’s going to be a great personal effort to take the Gospel to the furthest reaches of the world as the hearts of God’s people are revived.”

To get a copy of the workbook or to find out airtimes near you, go to ReviveOurHeart-dot-org.

2 responses to “Revive Our Hearts has ‘Seeking Him’ focus”

  1. I would be thrilled to have a copy of the workbook, Seeking Him. I just heard about it today on radio KMBI during Nancy DeMoss’ program.
    Can you give me information on how to procure it?
    Vicci Trueman

  2. Katey Hearth says:

    Thanks for your interest Vicci! You can now find the “Seeking Him” workbook here:

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