Rioting in Guinea hasn’t directly affected ministry.

By June 14, 2006

Guinea (MNN)–Rioting over poor economic conditions in Guinea has paralyzed the small West African country.

A nationwide strike has moved into its seventh day and there are reports of continuing unrest. Guinea’s largest unions want higher salaries for government workers, and lower prices for rice and fuel.

Clashes this week between security forces and student protesters over the cancellation of school exams left 10 dead. The riots broke out when Guinean schoolteachers promised to boycott high school exams as part of a general strike.

While the rioting has not had direct impact on their staff, New Tribes Mission’s Nita Zelenak says, “We do have nine people with New Tribes Mission who are in Conakry and they are keeping in their homes.”

Keeping a low profile is not the same as being shut down, though. Zelenak goes on to say they don’t believe they’re the targets. “We don’t believe that any of this violence is directed against the missionaries. This is not against foreigners, it’s strictly unrest regarding the political situation.”

This is the second violent nationwide strike this year, raising fears of instability. Zelenak says that’s a matter of prayer. “The biggest prayer request would be that there would be a peaceful resolution to the strike. The strike is ongoing and has not been settled at this point, and that it could be short duration, and for order to be maintained in the streets.”

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