Roadblocks stall an audio Scripture outreach

By April 26, 2011

(MNN) — Have you ever gotten involved with a project that had nothing but

big as the problems were, how much greater was it when God intervened and the
whole thing came together in the end? That's the outcome Audio Scripture Ministries is hoping for with the
Haitian Creole New Testament recording.

there have been many requests for a narrated recording, ASM has not been able
to answer the need just yet.

team is still trying to get a Bible Society to grant the permissions needed to
create or acquire a Haitian Creole New Testament recording. While there is a dramatized New Testament
recording available, an agreement couldn't be reached with the ministry that
owned the rights to play it on ASM's tool of distribution, the Mega Voice

ASM tried a different
tack with the World Bible Translation Center. They did get the licensing to record the Easy-To-Read Creole translation
upon its completion. 

Things were moving at
a brisk pace until last January.
Haiti's devastating quake struck WBTC headquarters hard. The loss of equipment and the building, along
with the logistical problems post-quake, heavily delayed the Easy-To-Read
Creole Translation. 

This French-based language is spoken by about 9 million
people in Haiti where more than half of the people practice Voodoo. This makes
an easy-to-read and understand version of God's Word vitally important for
reaching their hearts and minds.

This story hasn't finished unfolding yet, so it's hard to
see where God is working. Ask God to help connect the right people to
address this important need. Pray that believers in the various ministries and
organizations will be inspired to work together to meet this great need for
God's Word in audio for the people of Haiti.

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